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Listing ID Category   Title Location
310726 Lost: DogsLOST/STOLEN DOGLas Vegas, Nevada. 89102 
306381 Lost: Animals / Pets Lost Mini Schnauzer/Mountains EdgeLas Vegas, Nevada. 89178 
305853 Lost: DogsSmall Cream PomeranianLas Vegas, Nevada. 89121 
304796 Lost: DogsLeonidas, the German ShepardLas Vegas, Nevada. 89119 
304456 Lost: DogsWhite Husky With Blue EyesLas Vegas, Nevada. 89128 
300105 Lost: Animals / PetsSmall Brown/Black YorkieLas Vegas, Nevada. 89134 
286580 Lost: DogsSmall 11 pounds pink collar beige with white Las Vegas, Nevada. 89145 
286494 Lost: DogsPurebred Female Border CollieLas Vegas, Nevada. 89101 
279993 Lost: BirdsGrey Cockatiel Las Vegas, Nevada. 89148 
279491 Lost: Animals / PetsSmall Black with white pitbull mixed with LabLas Vegas, Nevada. 89130 
277424 Lost: Birds7028129616Las Vegas, Nevada. 89139 
270180 Lost: DogsMedium brindle pit. very sweetLas Vegas, Nevada. 89110 
269700 Lost: DogsMASTIFF FOUND 7-4-14Las Vegas, Nevada. 89101 
270187 Lost: Animals / Pets**LOST Siamese CAT** Grey Body Black Face & Paws MOHAWKLas Vegas, Nevada. 89123 
269864 Lost: DogsMedium size Siberian huskyLas Vegas, Nevada. 89119 
268269 Lost: DogsTan/beige medium DogLas Vegas, Nevada. 89121 
265115 Lost: DogsGrey, male, 25 lbs.Las Vegas, Nevada. 89109 
264931 Lost: DogsPom, brown/tan 14lbsLas Vegas, Nevada. 89148 
264128 Lost: DogsMale Maltese MixLas Vegas, Nevada. 89121 
260929 Lost: DogsMale pitbull puppy missinsLas Vegas, Nevada. 89102 
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